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The Double Black interior cleaning system is the perfect solution to address all types of interior cloth/upholstery cleaning applications. The DB System is comprised of three products developed to work together to clean and deodorize automotive interiors. These unique products of been produced to work in combination with each other to clean 95% of all automotive stains. It is a total comprehensive 3 product system for cleaning cloth & carpet. The versatile enzyme package in Terminator is the backbone of the interior system designed to attack stains. Terminator contains a broad spectrum enzyme package consisting of: protease, lipase, cellulase & amylase. Terminator breaks down proteins, fats and plant stains. Terminator is pH and ion balanced for optimum enzyme cleaning efficiency. Once stains are broken down Carpet Bomber is designed to now lift all the broken down material left behind after Terminator. Carpet Bomber features a light alkaline makeup to also help dissolve oils and improve the efficiency of the cleaners. Finisher is the final punch to attack any remaining odor causing bacteria. The remaining stains can be bleached to eliminate any residual organic stains and slightly sterilizes the surface. No chemical is left that requires further removal. The system is formulated to clean, deodorize and sterilize interiors thus leaving a fresh scent free clean interior. The benefit if the system is it works with all cleaning methods; steam, extraction & dry method.


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Width: 16.00
Height: 10.50
Depth: 11.00
SKU: DB1000

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